2020 BenchCouncil International Federated Intelligent Computing Conferences (FICC)

Embracing intelligence computing, International Open Benchmark Council (BenchCouncil) will organize 2020 BenchCouncil International Federated Intelligent Computing Conferences (FICC) on Jun 29-Jul 3, 2020, joint with Bulletin of CN Academy of Sciences. FICC 2020 assembles a spectrum of affiliated research conferences into a week-long coordinated meeting held at a common time in a common place, consisting of four individual conferences---Symposium on Intelligent Computers, Symposium on Intelligent Medicine, Symposium on Chain Block and Intelligent Financial Technology (FinTech), and Symposium on Education Technology (EduTech). The technical program for each affiliated conference is independently administered, with each responsible for its own meeting's structure, content, and proceedings.

Since its founding, BenchCouncil has two fundamental responsibilities. On one hand, it encourages data-driven, intelligence-inspired, and benchmark-based quantitative approaches to tackle multi-disciplinary challenges. On the other hand, BenchCouncil incubates benchmark projects and hosts the BenchCouncil benchmark projects, which specifically mean top level benchmark projects at the BenchCouncil, and further encourages reliable and reproducible research using the BenchCouncil benchmark projects or incubator benchmark projects. Hereby, the goal of FICC 2020 is to foster the communication, collaboration, and interplay among the communities of artificial intelligence, computer sciences, finance, medicine, and education, and propose benchmark-based quantitative approaches to tackle multi-disciplinary challenges. To that end, we present the BenchCouncil Award for Excellence for Reproduceable Research to the papers related with those projects (each paper $100 prize, maximally up to 60 papers). We welcome the industry leaders as sponsors to provide the testbed and the honorariums for the above awards.

Important Dates for Submitting Papers:

       Submission Deadline: April 15, 2020

       Author Notification: May 15, 2020

Submission site: TBD

Please note that we will use the same submission site for the four conferences. Specifically, each track will be set up for each individual conference.

Papers must be written in English. After the conference, the Proceeding of 2020 BenchCouncil International Federated Intelligent Computing Conferences will be published by Springer LNCS (Indexed by EI, Pending for approval).

International Symposium on Intelligent Computers

A two-day conference (Jun 29-30, 2020).

General Co-Chairs:

Prof. Kai Huang, The CN University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen

Program Co-Chairs:

Prof. Yunquan Zhang, Jinan National Super Computing Center, Director


Intelligent Chips and Open-source Chips

Intelligent Systems

AI and Big data for sciences

HPC AI, Deep Learning Algorithms and Applications for Scientific Computing and Datacenters

AIoT & Intelligent Industrial Internet


International Symposium on Intelligent Medicine

A two-day conference (Jun 30-Jul 1, 2020).

General Co-Chairs:

Prof. Yike Guo, Imperial College London

Program Co-Chairs:

Mr. Aiping Yang, Director of National Health Commission Capacity Building and Continuing Education Center

Prof. Yanchun Zhang, Victoria University, Australia

Prof. Di Zhao, Associate Professor of ICT, CN Academy of Sciences


Big Medical data and Privacy Protection

Medical AI and Interpretable Medical Models

Medical Data and AI Practice and Case Study

Drug discovery and Computer-aided Design

Internet-based Medical Diagnosis

Medical Education and Training

Medical Data Sets, Standardization, and Benchmarks

International Symposium on Chain Block and Intelligent Financial Technology (FinTech)

A two-day conference (Jul 1-2, 2020).

General Co-Chairs:

Prof. Changyun Wang, Dean of Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance, Renmin University of China

Prof. Weiping Li, Oklahoma State University

Program Co-Chairs

Prof. Zhigang Qiu, Renmin University of China


Chain Block Algorithms and Techniques

Intelligent Financial Algorithms and Applications

Supply Chain Finance

Infrastructures for Intelligent Finance

Robo-Advisor and Quantitative Investment

Chain Block and Smart Finance Practices and Case Studies

International Symposium on Education Technology (EduTech)

A two-day conference (Jul 2-3, 2020).

General Chair of Symposium on Education and Technology:

Prof. Aoying Zhou, Vice President of East China Normal University

Program Chair of Symposium on Chain Block and Intelligent Finance

Prof. Weining Qian, East China Normal University

Conference Theme:

AI, Chain Block, Cloud, and Data Techniques for Education

Smart Learning Environments and Infrastructures

Internet-based Remote Education

Educational assessment

Personalized Education

Smart Learning Techniques

Quantitative Education Practices and Case Studies