Venue of Bench'19

2020 BenchCouncil International Symposium on Benchmarking, Measuring and Optimizing (Bench'20)

Nov 15-16, 2020, 8:00 am EST

Call for Papers


Benchmarking, measuring, and optimizing are fundamental human activities. This symposium (Bench'20) is organized by the International Open Benchmark Council (BenchCouncil), and the main theme is benchmarking, measuring, and optimizing.

The Bench conference has three defining characteristics. First, it provides a high-quality, single-track forum for presenting results and discussing ideas that further the knowledge and understanding of the benchmark community as a whole. Second, it is a multi-disciplinary conference. The past conferences attracted the researchers and practitioners from the architecture, system, algorithm, and application communities. Third, it includes both invited sessions and contributed sessions. Regularly, Bench’20 will present the BenchCouncil Achievement Award ($3000), the BenchCouncil Rising Star Award ($1000), and the BenchCouncil Best Paper Award ($1000). We welcome the industry leaders as sponsors to provide the testbed and the honorariums for the above awards.

Since its founding, BenchCouncil has two fundamental responsibilities. On one hand, it encourages benchmark-based quantitative approaches to tackle multi-disciplinary challenges. On the other hand, BenchCouncil incubates, hosts benchmark projects, and further encourages reliable and reproducible research using the benchmarks from BenchCouncil or other organizations. To that end, we present the BenchCouncil Award for Excellence for Reproducible Research to the papers using all publicly available benchmarks. Each paper $100 prize, maximally up to 12 papers: 4 papers for each category of poster, spotlight, and oral.

After the acceptance decisions are made, the presentation mode of each paper is determined based on the recommendations as poster, spotlight, or oral. All accepted papers, regardless of presentation mode, appear in the proceedings (published by Springer LNCS) as full-length papers.


Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Synthetic or Real-world Data Sets of:

  • Benchmark, measurement, and optimization of:

  • Benchmark specifications and open-source implementation reports of:

  • Methodologies, abstractions, metrics, algorithms, and tools in benchmark, measurement, and optimization for:

  • Benchmark-driven domain-specific co-design of:

  • Testbed methodologies and systems of:

  • Workload characterization of:

    • Big Data
    • AI
    • HPC
    • Machine learning in HPC
    • Big scientific data
    • DataCenter
    • Cloud
    • Warehouse-scale computing
    • Mobile robotics
    • Edge and fog computing
    • IoT
    • Block chain
    • Data management and storage
    • Medicine, Finance and Education