Venue of Bench 2019

2019 BenchCouncil International Symposium on Benchmarking, Measuring and Optimizing (Bench 2019)

Denver, Colorado, USA
Nov 14-16, 2019

Call for Papers


Benchmarking, measuring, and optimizing are fundamental activities in human being's lives. This symposium (Bench 2019) is organized by International Open Benchmarking Council (BenchCouncil), and the main theme is benchmarking, measuring, and optimizing Big Data or AI in HPC, Datacenter, IoT, and Edge Computing.

Bench 2019 provides a high-quality, single-track forum for presenting results and discussing ideas that further the knowledge and understanding of the benchmark community as a whole. Bench 2019 has two special events: the AI benchmarking reports (benchmarks, performance number) and AI system and algorithm challenges. Also, we will invite speakers from China, US, Europe and Japan on HPC AI topics.


Accordingly, we provide two submission opportunities.
For regular submission, we solicit papers describing original and previously unpublished research. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Benchmark, measurement, and optimization of:

  • Benchmark specifications and open-source implementation reports of:

  • Methodologies, abstractions, metrics, algorithms, and tools in benchmark, measurement, and optimization for:

  • Benchmark-driven domain-specific co-design of:

  • Testbed methodologies and systems of:

  • Workload characterization of:

    • Big Data
    • AI
    • HPC
    • Machine learning in HPC
    • big scientific data
    • DataCenter
    • Cloud
    • Warehouse-scale computing
    • Mobile robotics
    • edge and fog computing
    • IoT

For the AI system and algorithms challenge, each team is welcomed to submit a paper describing their work. Their paper will be reviewed for further recommendation. For the winner final lists, each team has to submit a paper and presents their work at Bench 2019.