Venue of Bench'19

Bench’22 Virtual Conference

Sponsored and organized by the International Open Benchmark Council (BenchCouncil), the Bench conference encompasses a wide range of topics in benchmarking, measurement, evaluation methods and tools. Bench’s multi-disciplinary emphasis provides an ideal environment for developers and researchers from the architecture, system, algorithm, and application communities to discuss practical and theoretical work covering workload characterization, benchmarks and tools, evaluation, measurement and optimization, and dataset generation.

Bench’22 conference invites manuscripts describing original work in the area of benchmarking, evaluation methods and tools in Big Data, Artifical Intelligence, High-Performance Computing and Computing Architectures (Call for Papers ) . All accepted papers will be presented at the Bench’22 conference and will be published in a special issue of the BenchCouncil Transactions on Benchmarks, Standards and Evaluation (TBench) .

Sponsored by BenchCouncil, Bench’22 conference will present numerous awards, including the BenchCouncil Achievement Award ($3000), the BenchCouncil Rising Star Award ($1000), the BenchCouncil Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award ($1000),and the BenchCouncil Best Paper Award ($1000). To encourage reliable and reproducible research using the benchmarks from all organizations, the Bench conference presents the BenchCouncil Award for Excellence for Reproducible Research to the papers using publicly available benchmarks. Each article receives a $100 prize, for up to 12 articles.