OpenBench Workshop 2022

(Sunday, November 6th, 2022, Virtual)

The First International OpenBench Workshop

With the continuous development of the global open source ecosystem, it has witnessed the explosive growth of various event data generated by rich open source ecological activities. We collectively refer to it as open source ecological big data, which can support very rich tasks at different levels, from system tasks, to algorithm tasks, to applications and business, forming a complete benchmark hierarchy. OpenBench workshop invites researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, associations, and government organizations to explore this cutting-edge direction, including but not limit to the topics around OSS metrology and measurement methods, OSS measurement data standards, quality and governance, definition and classification of OSS ecological benchmarks, OpenBench standard datasets and analysis tasks, OpenBench indicator system and benchmarking system, application scenarios and cases of open source ecological benchmarking, Interdisciplinary theory of open source ecological benchmarking, Data-driven open source skills measurement and open source education evaluation, etc.

Session Format
    Bench 2022
        A series of invited talks + panel
        Research track (half day) + industry track (half day)
        Forming the workshop TPC
    Starting From 2023
        Formal workshop, accept paper submissions

    Sunday, November 6th, 2022, Begin at 8 am EST (UTC-5)
    Time (EST) Event: 08:00 - 12:00

Time Event Video
UTC-5 (New York), 07:50-08:00
UTC (London), 12:50-13:00
UTC+8 (Beijing), 20:50-21:00
Opening remarks [Video]
UTC-5 (New York), 08:00-08:20
UTC (London), 13:00-13:20
UTC+8 (Beijing), 21:00-21:20
Evolution of CHAOSS: How we got where we are from our beginnings
Sean P. Goggins, Professor, University of Missouri
UTC-5 (New York), 08:20-08:40
UTC (London), 13:20-13:40
UTC+8 (Beijing), 21:20-21:40
Data-driven of Open Source & InnerSource community build evaluation
Willem Jiang, Open Source Expert of Huawei, Mentor of Huawei InnerSource Foundation, Board Director of Apache Software Foundation
UTC-5 (New York), 08:40-09:00
UTC (London), 13:40-14:00
UTC+8 (Beijing), 21:40-22:00
Open Source Security: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities
Yang LIU, Professor, Nanyang Technological University
UTC-5 (New York), 09:00-09:20
UTC (London), 14:00-14:20
UTC+8 (Beijing), 22:00-22:20
Explore the Use of Data Heuristics in OSPO work
Richard Sikang Bian, Head of Open-Source Program Office (OSPO), Technical Strategy Expert of Ant Group
UTC-5 (New York), 09:20-09:40
UTC (London), 14:20-14:40
UTC+8 (Beijing), 22:20-22:40
Commercial Participation in OSS: Models, Collaborations, and Turnover
Yuxia Zhang, Assistant professor at school of computer science & technology, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)
UTC-5 (New York), 09:40-10:00
UTC (London), 14:40-15:00
UTC+8 (Beijing), 22:40-23:00
Model-informed Automatic Quality Assessment for Open Datasets
Jidong Tian & Yaohui Jin, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
UTC-5 (New York), 10:00-10:20
UTC (London), 15:00-15:20
UTC+8 (Beijing), 23:00-23:20
Community Responsiveness Studies with Apache DevLake
Chenhui Zhang, Data Science Lead, Merico DevInsight
UTC-5 (New York), 10:20-10:40
UTC (London), 15:20-15:40
UTC+8 (Beijing), 23:20-23:40
Measuring qualitative data with predictability
Samantha Venia Logan, Expert in Online Community Management and full-stack marketing
UTC-5 (New York), 10:40-11:00
UTC (London), 15:40-16:00
UTC+8 (Beijing), 23:40-24:00
Round table (discussion) & Closing Remarks