Bench and TBench Accepted Papers

Title Authors
ICBench: Benchmarking Knowledge Mastery in Introductory Computer Science Education Z. Li, Z. Yu, L. Zhai, X. Peng, Z. Xu
Generating High Dimensional Test Data for Topological Data Analysis R. Singh, N. Malott, B. Sauerwein, N. Mcgrogan, P. Wilsey
Does AI for science need another ImageNet Or totally different benchmarks? A case study of machine learning force fields Y. Li, W. Gao, L. Wang, L. Sun, Z. Wang, J. Zhan
MolBench: A Benchmark of AI Models for Molecular Property Prediction X. Jiang, L. Tan, J. Cen, Q. Zou
Cross-layer profiling of IoTBench F. Zhang, C. Wang, C. Luo, L. Wang
MMDBench: A Benchmark for Hybrid Query in Multimodal Database A. Mao, C. Hu, C. Li, H. Wang, J. Rao, K. Wang, Z. Shen
Benchmarking Modern Databases for Storing and Profiling Very Large Scale HPC Communication Data P. Kousha, Q. Zhou, H. Subramoni, D. Panda
A Linear Combination-based Method to Construct Proxy Benchmarks for Big Data Workloads Y. Yang, L. Wang, J. Zhan
AGIBench: A Multi-granularity, Multimodal, Human-referenced, Auto-scoring Benchmark for Large Language Models F. Tang, W. Gao, L. Peng, J. Zhan
Automated HPC Workload Generation Combining Statistic Modeling and Autoregressive Analysis Z. Zhou, J. Sun, G. Sun
Hmem: A Holistic Memory Performance Metric for Cloud Computing Y. Li, N. Li, Y. Zhang, J. Guo, B. Huang, M. Xing, W. Huang
Benchmarking, ethical alignment, and evaluation framework for conversational AI: Advancing responsible development of ChatGPT Partha Pratim Ray
Analyzing the potential benefits and use cases of ChatGPT as a tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations Rohit Raj, Arpit Singh, Vimal Kumar, Pratima Verma
MetaverseBench: Instantiating and benchmarking metaverse challenges Hainan Ye, Lei Wang
Algorithmic fairness in social context Yunyou Huang, Wenjing Liu, Wanling Gao, Xiangjiang Lu, Xiaoshuang Liang, Zhengxin Yang, Hongxiao Li, Li Ma, Suqin Tang
Mind meets machine: Unravelling GPT-4’s cognitive psychology Sifatkaur Dhingra, Manmeet Singh, Vaisakh S.B., Neetiraj Malviya, Sukhpal Singh Gill
Unlocking the opportunities through ChatGPT Tool towards ameliorating the education system Mohd Javaid, Abid Haleem, Ravi Pratap Singh, Shahbaz Khan, Ibrahim Haleem Khan
Benchmarking HTAP databases for performance isolation and real-time analytics Guoxin Kang, Simin Chen, Hongxiao Li
CoviDetector: A transfer learning-based semi supervised approach to detect Covid-19 using CXR images Deepraj Chowdhury, Anik Das, Ajoy Dey, Soham Banerjee, Muhammed Golec, Dimitrios Kollias, Mohit Kumar, Guneet Kaur, Rupinder Kaur, Rajesh Chand Arya, Gurleen Wander, Praneet Wander, Gurpreet Singh Wander, Ajith Kumar Parlikad, Sukhpal Singh Gill, Steve Uhlig
DPUBench: An application-driven scalable benchmark suite for comprehensive DPU evaluation Zheng Wang, Chenxi Wang, Lei Wang
StreamAD: A cloud platform metrics-oriented benchmark for unsupervised online anomaly detection Jiahui Xu, Chengxiang Lin, Fengrui Liu, Yang Wang, Wei Xiong, Zhenyu Li, Hongtao Guan, Gaogang Xie
ERMDS: A obfuscation dataset for evaluating robustness of learning-based malware detection system Lichen Jia, Yang Yang, Bowen Tang, Zihan Jiang
SNNBench: End-to-end AI-oriented spiking neural network benchmarking Fei Tang, Wanling Gao
Enabling hyperscale web services Akshitha Sriraman
e₹—The digital currency in India: Challenges and prospects Md. Asraful Haque, Mohd Shoaib
ChatGPT for healthcare services: An emerging stage for an innovative perspective Mohd Javaid, Abid Haleem, Ravi Pratap Singh
HPC AI500 V3.0: A scalable HPC AI benchmarking framework Zihan Jiang, Chunjie Luo, Wanling Gao, Lei Wang, Jianfeng Zhan
CpsMark+: A scenario-oriented benchmark system for office desktop performance evaluation in centralized procurement via simulating user experience Yue Zhang, Tong Wu
Optimizing the sparse approximate inverse preconditioning algorithm on GPU Xinyue Chu, Yizhou Wang, Qi Chen, Jiaquan Gao
Performance characterization and optimization of pruning patterns for sparse DNN inference Yunjie Liu, Jingwei Sun, Jiaqiang Liu, Guangzhong Sun
IoTBench: A data centrical and configurable IoT benchmark suite Simin Chen, Chunjie Luo, Wanling Gao, Lei Wang
Diagnosis of COVID-19 from X-rays using combined CNN-RNN architecture with transfer learning Md. Milon Islam, Md. Zabirul Islam, Amanullah Asraf, Mabrook S. Al-Rakhami, Weiping Ding, Ali Hassan Sodhro
An extensive study on Internet of Behavior (IoB) enabled Healthcare-Systems: Features, facilitators, and challenges Mohd Javaid, Abid Haleem, Ravi Pratap Singh, Shahbaz Khan, Rajiv Suman
Enabling Reduced Simpoint Size Through LiveCache and Detail Warmup Jose Renau, Fangping Liu, Hongzhang Shan, Sang Wook Stephen Do
Edge AIBench 2.0: A scalable autonomous vehicle benchmark for IoT–Edge–Cloud systems Tianshu Hao, Wanling Gao, Chuanxin Lan, Fei Tang, Zihan Jiang, Jianfeng Zhan
An era of ChatGPT as a significant futuristic support tool: A study on features, abilities, and challenges Abid Haleem, Mohd Javaid, Ravi Pratap Singh