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BenchCouncil: International Open Benchmark Council


BenchCouncil BenchHub

BenchCouncil BenchHub is a code management system which can be used to host source code and manage projects. All the source codes of BenchCouncil benchmarks and challenges are hosted on BenchHub. In addition, everyone can register an account and use BenchHub to manage their own codes.

The open source codes on BenchHub

(1) AIBench for datacenter AI benchmarking

(2) HPC AI500 for benchmarking HPC AI systems

(3) BigDataBench for big data benchmarking

How to use BenchHub

Source code upload:
Step 1. Install git and create a BenchHub account
Step 2. Initialize a git repository: git init
Step 3. Add file to repository: git add "file"
Step 4. Commit to repository: git commit
Step 5. Create a new repository on BenchHub, e.g.,
Step 6. Associate local repository to BenchHub: git remote add origin
Step 7. Push to BenchHub: git push -u origin master