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Prof. Dr. Tony Hey honored with BenchCouncil Achievement Award

By: Wanling Gao

Nov. 16, 2019

BenchCouncil Award Ceremony (Prof. Tony Hey with three award committee members, Prof. Jianfeng Zhan, Prof. D. K. Panda, Prof. Geoffery Fox, from left to right. Prof. Lizy John is absent.)

Prof. Dr. Tony Hey, the Chief Data Scientist at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory STFC, has been named the 2019 recipient of the International Open Benchmark Council (BenchCouncil) achievement award. Prof. Dr. Tony Hey is a fellow of ACM, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Prof. Hey was honored for foundational contributions to distributed memory parallel machines, message-passing systems, and AI for sciences. He received the award during Bench 19: The BenchCouncil International Symposium on Benchmarking, Measuring, and Optimizing held on Nov. 14-16 in Denver. He gave a presentation at Bench 19.

"I am very pleased to accept this prestigious award," Tony said. "I am very grateful to the award committee for this honor."

The BenchCouncil Achievement Award is awarded annually and recognizes a senior scientist who has made long-term contributions to benchmarking, measuring, and optimizing. The winner is eligible for BenchCouncil Fellow. The award carries a $3,000 honorarium.

“Prof. Hey devised the first parallel benchmark suite --- the 'Genesis' benchmarks - for performance evaluation of distributed memory parallel machines," the award committee said in a statement. “Hey coauthored first draft of the MPI message-passing standard with Jack Dongarra, David Walker and Rolf Hempel, and recently launches a large-scale data science benchmark. " BenchCouncil award committee consists of four senior professors, including Prof. Lizy Kurian John from The University of Texas at Austin, Prof. D. K. Panda from The Ohio State University, Prof. Geoffrey Fox from Indiana University, and Prof. Jianfeng Zhan from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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