BenchCouncil Testbed

The BenchCouncil Testbed is an open artificial intelligence testbed, providing platforms and tools for verifying, demonstrating and training innovative technologies.

The testbed provides various the state-of-the-art or state-of-the-practice hardwares, including various GPUs and CPUs, Cambrian AI accelerators, and RISC-V emulators.


  • Run the BenchCouncil benchmarks, and publish performance numbers using the BenchCouncil benchmarks.
  • Simulate large-scale complex application scenarios and enable rapid deployment of innovative technologies.
  • Provides hand-on tutorials.
  • Provides competition platforms for BenchCouncil International AI System and Algorithm Competition, with the total awards 500,000 CNY.

Typical Systems and Applications:

  • End-to-end E-commerce AI benchmark with Alibaba
  • EB-level intelligent data management and analysis system for high-energy physics
  • AI-powered weather forecast
  • Federal learning testbed
  • Edge computing testbed