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AIBench User Manual [AIBench-UserManual]

Download data sets

Table 1: The Summary of Data Sets

data sets data size Scalable data set
1 CIFAR-10 60000 color images with the dimension of 32*32 Ongoing development
2 ImageNet (1GB,10GB) ILSVRC2014 DET image dataset(unstructured image) Ongoing development
3 LSUN One million labelled images, classified into 10 scene categories and 20 object categories Ongoing development
4 MNIST handwritten digits database which has 60,000
training examples and 10,000 test examples(unstructured image)
Ongoing development
5 MovieLens Dataset User’s score data for movies, which has 9,518,231
training examples and 386,835 test examples(semi-structured text)
Ongoing development
6 WMT English-German WMT English-German translation dataset Ongoing development
7 MS COCO2014 A large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset Ongoing development
8 Cityscapes A new large-scale dataset that contains a diverse set of stereo video sequences recorded in street scenes from 50 different cities Ongoing development
9 LibriSpeech A corpus of approximately 1000 hours of 16kHz read English speech Ongoing development
10 VGGFace2 A large-scale face recognition dataset Ongoing development
11 LFW dataset A database of face photographs Ongoing development
12 Robot pushing dataset 59,000 examples of robot pushing motions Ongoing development
13 ShapeNet Dataset A richly-annotated, large-scale dataset of 3D shapes Ongoing development
14 Gigaword Dataset Nearly ten million documents of the original English Gigaword Fifth Edition Ongoing development
15 Intellifusion data set 77,715 samples from 253 face IDs provided by Intellifusion Ongoing development

Download software

We provide two options: download the full software package one time or download components one by one. Please note that you need to download and deploy prerequisite software packages before using BigDataBench. Please refer to the user manual. The following packages should be installed firstly, and the running platform is Linux.

Software Version Download
TensorFlow 1.12
PyTorch 1.0.1
GCC 4.8.2

AIBench Download

Full software packages of different implementations are available from the following links.

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