In conjunction with Federated Intelligent Computing and Chip Conference

Chips 2023

The mission of Chips 2023 is to provide a pioneering technology map through searching and advancing state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice chips. The BenchCouncil staff will invite worldwide contributors to showcase their superior chips and systems. Chips 2023 also solicit presentations or posters describing original work in the following areas and topics.

Open-Source Chips

o Chips Design
o Software Ecosystem
o ISA extensions


o Compilation and code optimization
o Hardware/software co-design
o Hardware/software cross-stack optimization

General-Purpose Processor Chips

o High-Performance, Low-Power Core
o Multi-Core System

Emerging Computing Architectures

o Neuromorphic
o Quantum Computing

Reconfigurable Chips

o FPGAs and FPGA-Based Systems
o Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Arrays


o Secure Hardware
o Hardware Support for Software Security

Mobile and Embedded Devices

o Graphics /Multimedia/Gaming
o System On Chip

Communications and Networking

o Wireless LAN/WAN/PAN
o Network and I/O Processors

Domain-Specific Chips

o Machine Learning, Deep Learning, And Spiking Neural Network
o Metaverse
o Custom Chips for Emerging Applications

Enabling Technologies

o Power and Thermal Management
o Packaging and Testing
o Display Technologies
o On-Chip Optics & Sensors
o Novel Computing Technologies